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This is a call for volunteers who are interested in joining the VISL Board of Directors. If you are interested in running please confirm your interest and the position that you are interested in filling.

Please, contact Fraser Sim at, or Kjeld Brødsgaard at

Election will take place at the AGM on May 28th.

The following Directors positions on the VISL Board of Directors are open:

President One year term

Vic President Two year term

Treasurer One year term

Secretary Two year term

4 Directors Two year terms

1 Director One year term

ARTICLE 3 – Election of Officers

1. The members of the League Executive shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting and shall serve for a period of two (2) years.
2. At least four (4) weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting, the President shall appoint, with the approval of Executive, a nomination committee. Written contact shall be made to all affiliated Teams for nominees. The nominating committee shall receive written confirmation of the willingness of each absentee nominee to stand for election at the Annual General Meeting and prior to the election officers being called.
3. Executive Directors to be elected shall include the four Executive Officers: President, Treasurer (odd-years) Vice-President, and Secretary (even years); and up to a total of nine (9) other Directors to assist the Executive Officers as required (these may be Team representatives.) The Directors shall all be elected by a majority vote.

Proposed amendments or additions to the Constitution and Bylaws will only be considered if submitted, in writing, to the VISL by a registered member, or by the Board of Directors of the VISL.

Notice of motion of the proposed changes or amendments must be submitted the league at least 45 days before the meeting. Since we are past that point, we will extend that timeline, but still ensure to distribute the proposed changes on time.

Membership shall be circulated with copies (via website) of all proposed amendments or changes at least thirty (30) days prior to the General Meeting. A draft agenda is attached.

Based on the above, please submit any proposed bylaw or rule amendments to VISL by end of day Friday April 27, 2018.
The VISL will then make sure to publish those proposed changes as well as an updated Agenda by Saturday April 28, 2018.

Proposed amendments to the bylaws and/or rules must include the following:
• Bylaw Article / Rule number and sub numbering (if applicable)
• Current wording of the Bylaw Article / Rule
• Proposed new specific wording (highlighting specific wording is a minor amendment suggestion)
• A detailed RATIONALE for the addition and/or change including the intent of the addition / change

Please submit all proposed Bylaw and/or Rule amendment to the attention of Vince Greco, President & to Jake Nemec, Secretary, as per the details below.

Vince Greco –
Jake Nemec –

The document VISL_2018_AGM_Agenda.doc was attached to this post.


Posted by Vince Greco at Apr 19, 2018 12:51AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

Thursday April 26 should be a good night to support the kickoff for the 2018 Highlanders season.
It kickoffs at 5:30 pm in Distrikt at the Strath. You can purchase tickets for the night at HIGHLANDERSFC.CA/TICKETS
Will be a good opportunity to get some seasons tickets and/or enjoy the night.
See you next week!

The following are the outstanding fines and fees as of March 23, 2018. These fines are due prior to March 31 2018.
If you have any questions, please contact treasurer Keith Smith

Vantreights (1) $50 Semi-annual AGM non-attendance
Penelakut (4B) $500 Forfeit

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