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Team Application Forms & Deposits

Posted by Vince Greco at Jul 7, 2016 9:21AM PDT

A reminder to all that Team Application Forms and $200.00 deposit is due Friday July 15.
Please make sure to scan/email ( or fax (250-386-5614) the form in as per instruction on the form itself. (To Keith Smith)
To avoid the possible postal issues, feel free to drop off the form & deposit to my residence at 811 Rogers Ave. (High Quadra St close to Beckwith Park about 5 blocks North of McKenzie Ave)
If you are dropping off cash, please contact in advance.

We are excited to see several new teams applying this year – looks to be an interesting year already.

Teams that we have received applications so far (July 25th) are:

Div 1
Bays Utd
Comox Valley
CR Cermaq
Nanaimo Utd FC
Saanich Fusion FC
VI Wave
Vic West FC

Div 2
Lakehill United
Nanaimo Utd FC
PLSC Lakers
Powell River Villa
Saanich Fusion FC
Sooke Loggers
Vic West FC
Westcastle Utd

Div 3
Alberni Athletics
Bays Utd
Castaways FC
Comox Valley United
CR Cermaq City Wave
Fernwood Town
Gorge United
Gorge Us-Guys
Juan de Fuca
Lakehill United
Mid-Isle Mariners
Nanaimo United FC
Penelakut United
Saanich Braves
Saanich Fusion FC
Saanich Fusion FC Bandits
Westcastle Sagres

Div 4
Bays Utd
Castaways Invicta
Fernwood Utd
Gorge FC
Juan de Fuca
Juan de Fuca
Juan de Fuca
Peninsula FC
Saanich Fusion FC
Saanich Fusion FC Shady Lane
Saanich Fusion FC Spartans
Sagres FC
Sooke FC
Vic West Blazers
Vic West Beavers
Zgoda Juniors

Bays Utd
Castaways Jrs
CB Bobcats Alumni
CB Red Barn Bobcats
Fernwood Dragons
Gorge FC Backfit
Juan de Fuca
Nanaimo Utd FC
Peninsula FC
PLSC Lakers
Saanich Fusion FC Old School
Saanich Fusion FC Internationals
Saltspring FC
UVic Alumni
Vic West
Vic West

Bays Utd
Gorge FC (chq rec’d, no form)
Harbour City FC (no chq, form rec’d)
Juan de Fuca
Mid Isle
PLSC Lakers
Saanich Fusion FC

Vince Greco
VISL President

2016 Euro's

Posted by Vince Greco at Jun 24, 2016 9:20AM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The Strath will be showing all the games starting tomorrow. They have partnered up with Heineken and are providing a great venue and chance to win a Foosball table. Always a great place to watch the game, see you at the Strath.

A reminder that in just over 1 month, we will have our AGM at Club Distrikt in the Strathcona Hotel.
As per the notice sent out March 29, I am posting the agenda for the evening.
Please note that there were no considerations for rule changes submitted by the April 15 deadline, and membership did not ask for any additional items to be put on the agenda.
I will also add last years meeting minutes ( will add as comments) in hopes that they will be accepted as distributed come Monday May 30. Please have a look, hopefully they do not have to be printed out and we can save a tree. Of course, questions (if any) from last years minutes will be accepted come meeting time.
Please note this AGM is mandatory for all teams South of the Malahat but we also encourage all North Island teams to attend and be part of the meeting.
This meeting is for members only, and only members signed in with their respective teams will have a voice and/or vote.

Elections wise, your Chair of the Elections Committee is Kjeld Brodsgaard and he asked that I send out this message:

Election of Officers
The following positions are up for election at the AGM
Vice President
Directors 5
All positions are two year terms.
Should you be interested in running for any of the available positions, please let Fraser Sim ( ) or Kjeld Brodsgaard ( ) know and we will provide you further details. All members of the board are volunteers who work diligently to provide the members with the best league to play in.

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Results - All VISL Cup Finals

Posted by Vince Greco at Apr 4, 2016 10:33PM PDT ( 0 Comments )

The weekend complete – was a busy one at RAP.
A big thank-you to your Board of Directors for spending the weekend there at the park putting up fences, being maids in the change rooms, setting up signage, and overall doing everything necessary for the field to look decent and allow the teams to have an enjoyable experience.
Need to thank the individual sponsors for the weekend. It was not a crazy weekend like last years 100th Anniversary of the Jackson Cup, but several people made it possible. Obviously our Title Sponsor the Strathcona Hotel. Lifemark Centric Health stepped up in a big way with the services and prizes they provided for all games. And it was also all possible because of the sponsors we carry all year. Molsons added to the 50/50 prizing and allowed for good beverages to be had during games for fans and post games for celebrations.
Game wise, 4 pretty good ones.

Game 1 – Tony Grover Masters Cup was won by Saanich Fusion Old School over Saltspring United 4-1
Elcidio Cabral – SFFC – 5’
Jeevan Manhass – SFFC – 44’
Harrison Jason – Saltspring – 53’
Vladimir Music – SFFC – 77’
Andy Basi – SFFC – 84’
Game MVP was Jeevan Manhass of Saanich Fusion Old School
Officials – Mark McNally Dawes with Gus Uriegas, Mark Parson, & Simon Ablitt.

Game 2 – The George Pearkes Challenge Cup was won by Juan de Fuca over Saanich Fusion Harris Dodge 2-0
Aaron Burnell – JDF – 15’
Dane Schoor – JDF – 45’
JDF Keeper shutout – Chris Ohara
Game MVP was Brent Cameron of JDF
Officials – Brett Hartman with Cole Shoemaker, Rhys Wyn Williams, & Danny Hood.

Game 3 – The George Smith U21 Cup was won by Saanich Fusion over Gorge 2-0
Phil Timmer – SF – 57’
Ryan Timmer – SF – 88’
SF Keeper shutout – Mike Zadravec
Game MVP was Matt Buehler of Saanich Fusion.
Officials – Cam Olive with Josh Hornak, Gavin Hastings, & Kevin Parsons.

Game 4 – The Sir John Jackson Cup was won by Cowichan LMG over Bays Utd Liquor Plus 2-0
Cooper Barry – Cowichan – 105’
Patrick Nelson – Cowichan – 114’
Cowichan Keeper shutout – Scott Brown
Game MVP was Patrick Nelson of Cowichan.
Officials – Nathan Bird with Evan Fryer, Ben Clark, & Cole Shoemaker.

Best of luck to all these teams that will represent the VISL in BC Provincial Cup.
Draw is tomorrow; Tuesday April 5, at Distrikt Nightclub within the Strathcona Hotel at 919 Douglas St.
All are welcome.

Vince Greco
VISL President

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VISL AGM Notice - Mon May 30/2016

Posted by Vince Greco at Mar 29, 2016 1:51PM PDT

The AGM is fast approaching, please note it is a mandatory meeting for all teams south of the Malahat.

If you wanted to propose a rule change or put a request for something on the agenda, please do so by Friday April 15.

Here is the process we follow in running the AGM:
It is very similar to the BC Soccer process:

In a nutshell – proposed amendments or additions to the Rules and Regulations will only be considered if submitted, in writing, to the league via email to and
Amendments or additions will only be accepted from VISL members in good standing via their team administrators or by the Board of Directors of the VISL.
Notice of motion of the proposed changes or amendments must be received by VISL at least forty-five (45) days prior to any general meeting. (By April 15) Membership shall be circulated with copies of all proposed amendments or changes at least thirty (30) days prior to the General Meeting (by April 30) except as noted in this section. No motion may be placed on the floor that obviates or intends to obviate the intention of this section.

I also need to clear up something I informed membership about at the semi annual meeting in January.
I was under the impression that changes in our fine structure needed to be approved by membership, and I told people in attendance that very thing. Upon rule clarification with BC Soccer, I was advised that the administrative process was to simply notify members or any changes that the Board had intended to carry out. Of course, we will do so at the AGM, and it will be on the agenda as well. Everybody will know in advance of the new 2016/2017 season starting as that is when the forfeit fines will be increased. (please note, all extra $ will be staying with the non offending team)

Hope to see many of you at the Cup Finals coming up this weekend at RAP.
You will be able to get your banquet tickets in the press-box. (Banquet is Friday April 8, at the Strath)

All Provincial Cup teams – a reminder that you are invited to attend the BC Provincial Cup draw on Tuesday April 5 at Distrikt in the Strath at 6:30 pm……..we will buy you a beverage, and there will be snacks served.